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 Inlaturarea durerii cu ajutorul aplicarii plasturilor magnetici
 Prin simpla aplicare a plasturilor pe punctele de acupunctura

 Nu puteti dormi…?

-Nimic mai usor, aplicatii plasturii pe punctele ca in figurile alaturate.
 Aveti o suferinta digestiva?

-Scaune neregulate
-No. 1 – Dureri de stomac
-No. 1 & 2 – Digestie proasta si dureri abdominale.

 Pentru practicieni. 

- Cutie completa

-Alcool, tutun, dulciuri
 Intepaturi de tantari
-Prevenirea imbolnavirii de Malarie
-Efecte secundare ale Malariei

-Extremitati reci
-Stare de oboseala
-Refacerea dupa raceli

-Stare de oboseala
-Lipsa optimismului

-Atonie uterina
-Disconfort uterin
 Tranzit Intestinal

-Disconfort intestinal

-Lipsa dorintei sexuale
-Ejaculatie prematura
-Disfunctie erectila

-Dischinezie biliara
-Insuficienta energie a ficatului
 Suferinte pulmonare

-Astm bronsic
-Disconfort pulmonar
 Suferintele sanilor

-Hiperplazie mamara
-Lapte insuficient

-Disconfort, bufeuri, agitatie
 Tulburari menstruale

-Sindrom premenstrual
-Menstre neregulate
 Tulburari de echilibru, acufene


-Retentia flegmei, sau flecma excesiva
 Faringita, amigdalita


-Reglarea absortiei zaharului
-Sete excesiva
 Starea generala

-Inlaturarea durerilor din orice zona
  History of Acupuncture and Magnetic Therapy
        It is the combination of different therapeutic disciplines that makes Patch-On Magnetic patches so powerful and effective.
       To appreciate the profound benefits that the patches offer, it is perhaps necessary to first understand the development of these therapeutic disciplines over thousands of years.
       It is important to understand that these forms of therapy, far from being ´radical´, ´new´ or alternative as many contemporary physicians would have you believe actually have pedigrees that stretch so far back in time that we can only make an intelligent guess as to their true origins.
      The ´Nei Ching´ also known as ¨The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine¨ is believed to be the first book ever written on Chinese medicine. The Yellow Emperor Huang Di (2697-2599) lived and worked on his opus around.

     Apart from harmonious nutrition, the Nei Ching recommends acupuncture, moxibustion and massage as aids to good health, clearly placing both acupuncture and moxibustion as recognised therapies as long ago as 200 B.C. nIntriguingly although acupuncture and moxibustion are widely accepted to be Chinese in origin, the recent discovery of the Tyrolean Iceman has suggested that a form of therapy involving acupuncture points was practised in Europe over 5,000 years ago.
     The Iceman sports a number of tattoos along acupuncture channels on his back which correspond closely with acupuncture paths still used today.

     Stone ´needles´ found in prehistoric tombs and dated around 200 B.C. are further evidence of the widespread practise of acupuncture in ancient times. Since the development of casting techniques acupuncture needles made from bronze, iron, silver, gold and alloy steel were introduced.
     Coronary heart disease, though it seems a plague of our modern times, was also a recognised, serious medical condition in ancient China. Records show that as far back as 2,000 years ago, acupuncture was used as a treatment for heart disease. In more recent times, acupuncture made its debut in the sceptical western world during the middle of 1900. Despite its long history, it was greatly criticised by the scientific world as being a mere placebo. Although scientists of the day might grudgingly admit the effectiveness of acupuncture therapy they gave credit for any improvement in the patient to the patient’s own gullibility - he or she had been tricked into a mental self-healing process.

     Completely oblivious to the underpinning philosophy of acupuncture, during the 1970’s, Europeans thought that acupuncture would only work if the patient believed in the philosophy of Mao Tze Tung. A group of fifteen French doctors were invited to China to assist in a full hysterectomy on twenty rabbits under anaesthesia by acupuncture.
     The operations were successful, and when the French doctors enquired how it was possible, the answer was clear, ‘We have indoctrinated the rabbits in the philosophy of Mao’!
 Magnetic Therapy
      At the early stage of transformation, the earth’s geomagnetic field was most probably hundreds of times stronger then today.
      As every living form on earth will automatically be influenced by its surroundings and respond to it, the magnetic field and magnetic matter will influence every different aspect of our body and health. Egyptians were well acquainted with the magnetic forces a few thousand years ago, and made use of it in the preservation of the mummies to stop decay. Apparently, Cleopatra used a magnet on her forehead to preserve her beauty.
      Following the work of a Swiss Alchemist and physician P.A. Paracelsus (1493-1541), an Austrian professor of Astronomy, Father Hall, treated nervous men and women with magnets. Dr. Samuel Hanneman (1775-1843), the father of Homeopathy witnessed the work of Hall and Mesmer. He used magnet therapy for the treatment of diseases.
     Using North and South Pole magnets, he prepared three medicines by exposing water and milk to their magnetic forces. As a result he found that he could treat 1243 symptoms thereby aiding the recovery from the diseases.
     Today, while the scientific world has not yet been able to explain the healing properties of magnets, testimony of many do confirm the great asset of the natural medical world to develop all types of non toxic magnetic plasters.

        After all, it is not because the scientific world cannot explain a phenomena that it does not exist
      The plaster consists of meticulously selected magnetic powder and a fine layer of non allergic glue mix with some herbs extract.

 How does it work?
     The magnetic plaster is the creative integration of Traditional Chinese Medicines and the most modern magnetic technology. It is based on the technology of the advanced transdermal therapeutic system known as TTS and the theory of magnetophoresis. It applies special magnetic field to open membrane pores and ensure the continuous energy to the specified acupuncture point. The application of this theory certifies the scientific nature, effectiveness, safety and authority of the Magnetic Plaster.

 How do I use them?
     Apply to a clean and dry skin on the affected painful area directly or on the recommended acupuncture points. The hands should not touch the surface of the adhesive part. Press firmly on it after it has been placed.

 Is it Safe?
     Magnetic therapy has been recorded from antiquity and is now extensively used worldwide. Herbs come from nature and have little side effects on human beings.

 How long do I have to wear the plasters?
     Replace with a new one after two days. Ordinarily, the cure cycle is one week, but for obstinate disease, it may need 4-8 cure cycles. If your condition does not improve, please consult your doctor.

 How many plasters do I wear at a time?
     More than one plaster can be worn at the same time depending on the area.

 Is it equally effective if the plasters are placed slightly away from the points?
     The effective area is 4--5 times of the patch area, so there is no problem to be slightly away, but the best effectiveness will be obtained from patching on the acupuncture points as recommended.

 Can I wear and re-use the patch for the second time?
     The patch should be used only once because the magnetic element may have been released out, and also for the sake of hygiene.

 Can I bathe or swim with it on?
     Yes, you can bathe or swim while wearing the plaster.

 How do I remove them?
    Gently pull from the edges towards the centre.
    Any remaining adhesive can be removed with citrus-based skin cleaning lotion or by rubbing alcohol. The patch may leave slight colour on some skin types.
   This will disappear within a few days.

 Can it be applied on everyone? (Caution!)
     DO NOT use on abdomen when pregnant,
     DO NOT use if irritation occurs.
    ONLY use externally.
    Always consult your doctors for any ailments. In some cases, a slight increase in pain may occur initially owing to the magnet’s effect on the organism’s self-healing energies.
    This is not a problem. KEEP OUT of the reach of children.


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